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Equip your students with our vital mental wellness planning app through our partnership program. By partnering, you'll empower your students with personalized support for holistic well-being and academic success.

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Common questions answered

Get answers to common questions about partnering with brightn for student well-being.

How does brightn benefit students?

brightn equips students with personalized mental wellness support, fostering resilience, well-being, and academic success.

Can you monitor student activity on brightn?

Yes! You can oversee student engagement and progress within brightn to offer additional support as needed.

How does brightn ensure student privacy and data security?

brightn adheres to strict privacy protocols, safeguarding student data with robust encryption and secure storage practices.

How can our school partner with brightn?

Fill out the form above to begin the discussion for partnership options tailored to your schools needs and explore how brightn can benefit your student's mental wellness.

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